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Signatory Groups and Limit Setup

This section attempts to replicate your transaction mandate process. It applies to approval and gives you the opportunity to:

  • grant users permission to approve transactions
  • set transaction limits and how many users are required to approve transactions before authorization and commit.

Signatory Groups

To setup signatory groups:

  • Click Manage Signatory Group -> Create Signatory Group
  • Fill in signatory group name (any descriptive name e.g. Company Signatory Group)
  • Click Save

On the next page:

  • Select the drop down beside the User Role label, select Corporate Approving Officer and click on the Search button
  • Check the boxes beside the names displayed and click Attach at the top left

Note: Repeat the last two steps for the Corporate Authorizing Officer role if corporate authorizing officers are to approve transactions before authirization and commit.

Approval Limits

To setup limits:

  • Click Manage Approval Limit -> Create Approval Limit
  • Fill in details:
    • Approval Limit Name: Any descriptive name (e.g. Company Approval Limit)
    • Limit (N): This is the transaction amount limit per record in a batch. Please ensure commas (,) are not included in the figures.
    • Max Signature Required: This is the number of users required to approve transactions before authorization and commit.
  • Click Save

On the next page:

  • Select the previously created signatory group from the drop down beside the Signatory Group label
  • Enter the same number of signatures you filled in on the previous page
  • Click Add

Signatory Groups Video

Limit Setup Video

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