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Add Payments (Beneficiaries)

After creating a batch, payments (beneficiaries) can be added to the batch via a form on AutoPAY (one beneficiary at a time) or via an Excel sheet (multiple beneficiaries populated and uploaded at once).

Individual Payment Insert via AutoPAY Form

To add payments individually via the form on AutoPAY:

  • Click Create a Payment
  • Fill in the details
    • Beneficiary Code: this is what uniquely identifies a beneficiary.
    • Narration: this is the description of the transaction; part of which will be sent in the transaction notification to the beneficiary.
    • Amount: amount to be paid to the beneficiary.
    • Currency: AutoPAY processes only Naira transactions for now.
  • Click Next
  • Fill in other information
    • Beneficiary Name: Name of the person to be paid.
    • Bank: bank of the person to be paid.
    • Account Type: select savings or current from the drop down if uncertain.
    • Is Cash Card: select No if an account is to be funded and Yes if a card is to be funded.
    • To Account: account or card number to be funded
    • Nuban Validation Required: Select Yes if a valid commercial bank account is to be funded an No if otherwise
    • Email Address: email address of the beneficiary. This field is optional.
    • Phone Number: phone number of the beneficiary. This field is optional.
  • Click Next
  • Confirm the details filled in
  • Click Commit

Repeat above steps if additional beneficiaries are required.

Note: If multiple beneficiaries are required, please use the file upload option described below:

Multiple Payments Upload via Excel Sheet

To use this option, you are expected to populate an Excel sheet (provided by Interswitch) with your beneficiaries’ information. If you do not have the file, please request for it by sending an email to support @ interstitchgroup.com. After populating the sheet:

  • Click Upload Payments
  • Click Choose File and browse to the location of the file on your system to select it
  • Check the following options:
    • File has header
    • Is consolidated file
    • Is Nuban Accounts (note: this option applies only to valid account numbers for commercial banks – not MFBs)
  • Click Upload Payments

Close Batch

After creating a batch and adding payment(s) to the batch, the final and most important step for corporate initiating officers with respect to third party transfers is to close the batch. If a batch is not closed, it will not move to the next stage (approval). To close a batch:

  • Click Close Batch at the top left of the page

Add Payments (Beneficiaries) Video

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