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Corporates Setup

To create a corporate, click on:

Manage Corporate -> New Corporate

  • Fill in the Company Name and Company Code
  • Ensure the Accounts Management and Direct Credit options are checked
  • Click Save

See screenshots below:


Fields Explained

Company Name: Name of the company to be created

Company Code: Suitable acronym for the company. This will be required for the corporate to login (Institution code)

Contact Email: Email of the company’s contact person. This field is optional.

Contact Phone: Phone number of the company’s contact person. This field is optional.

Company Logo: Company’s logo. This is optional.

AutoPAY Modules: Modules selected will determine the functions available to the corporate.

  • Accounts Management: This module has to do with activities that occur on the corporate’s setup accounts.
  • Direct Credit: This module controls activities that involve third-party transfers.
  • Bill Payment: This module is work-in-progress and is not functional at the moment.
  • Dispute Management:
  • Use Maker Checker: This module, if enabled, will require newly created users to be activated by the corporate super administrator before such users can access the system.

Implementation: This determines who will interact with the system:

  • Self-operated: The corporate’s staff will interact with the system themselves
  • Sponsor-operated: The corporate’s sponsor will interact with the system on the corporate’s behalf

Terminal ID: Used for integration to third party systems. This field is optional.


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