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This documentation describes how a third-party will request for an Interswitch Service. All our APIs require users to be authenticated before they can access any of our resources.

Services and Methods

Bill Payment/RechargeRecharge OnlyDo Transfer
GetBillers (M)GetBillers (M)Name Enquiry (M)
GetBillerPaymentItems (M)GetBillerPaymentItems (M)GetBanksCode (O)
SendBillPaymentNotification (M)SendBillPaymentNotification (M)FundTransfer (M)
CustomerValidation (M)QueryTransaction (M)QueryTransaction (M)
GetBillerCategories (O)
GetBillersByCategory (O)
QueryTransaction (M)

M – Mandatory
O – Optional


We authenticate every call to our resources using a combination of HTTP headers. These HTTP Headers must be sent for every call in other to access InterSwitch resources. Note that all data formats and response definitions are in conformance with the REST standard.

Please see information on Interswitch security headers here.

Sample Requests

NB: You can find a sample of the requests in the POSTMAN collection herehttps://www.getpostman.com/collections/26ca1be9973820e0d0d7

using this Postman Environment

Registering on Developer Console

  1. Navigate to Developer Console on https://developer.interswitchng.com
  2. Click on New App

  1. Click on Rest/Soap

  1. Fill in details for the new app and click on submit

  1. Click on Manage on the newly created app

  1. Navigate to the services and turn on Quickteller VAS API
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