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Get Access Token

What Is an Access Token?

The Access Token is needed in every request sent to the system in order to validate the sending user.

Request Structure

Method: POST

Endpoint:  https://api-gateway.interswitchng.com/passport/oauth/token?env=test

Request Body/Payload

request test values from Interswitch

FieldsSample Values
grant_type password | client_credentials
username optional

Request Headers

(as Key:Value pairs)

Content-Type : application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Authorization : Basic Base64(clientID:SecretKey)

sample Authorization: Basic SUtJQTk2MTRCODIwNjRENjMyRTlCNjQxOERGMzU4QTZBNEFFQTg0RDcyMTg6WENUaUJ0THkxRzljaEFueWcwejNCY2FGSzRjVnB3RGcvR1R3MkVtalRaOD0=

Find sample response

The expires_in field represents how long before the token expires (in seconds).

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