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1.1 Overview

The Interswitch Strong Authentication Solution (ISAS) provides a way for issuers to integrate their existing strong authentication systems and provide their cardholders a consistent 2-factor authentication on all their card transactions.

1.2 Architecture



1.3 Objective

The purpose of this document is to define the interface to be implemented by the bank to enable seamless integration between the issuer and ISAS.


1.4 Issuer Requirements

1.4.1 Service Specification

The issuer’s service would implement a combination of the following specifications:

  • SOAP Protocol with WS-Reliable Messaging for reliability 
  • WS-Security for message security and authentication.  
  • REST Protocol
  • HTTPS transport.
  • Text/XML or Text/json message encoding.


1.4.2 Communication

The issuer’s service is required to authenticate the calls from ISAS. ISAS will pass along its certificate to identify itself to the issuer service. Any hashing algorithm must be SHA512 format.

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