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Definition of Fields/Terms

  • paymentCode: This is the merchant’s payment code on the Quickteller platform
  • amount: this is the value I expect to be paid. In lower denomination. (N10 = 1000)
  • buttonSize: Pay with Quickteller supports 4 values. These values are small, medium, large, default.
  • CustomerId: this is a unique reference for this payment or customer. Something to ID the payment
  • mobileNumber: a phone number for the paying customer. This number will receive an SMS receipt.
  • emailAddress: an email address for the paying cutomer. This email address will receive an email receipt
  • redirectUrl: This is the page on my web application that I want the payment gateway to redirect to after the payment is complete.
  • requestReference: This is the Merchant’s own Transaction ID generated uniquely for each transaction. Your requestReference must be prefixed with a 4 digit prefix provided by Interswitch. This is ultimately used in querying for a Transaction to confirm status of payment. The requestReference cannot be reused and must be unique for every transaction.
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