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SFTP File Format

Field Mandatory (M)/Optional (O) Length Format Description
Batch_Reference M Alphanumeric Code to uniquely identify a batch of payments

NB: This must be unique per batch.

Batch_Description M Alphanumeric  This describes the batch e.g. Salary Payments.

NB: This must be unique per batch.

Is_Single_Debit M Boolean True or false

True means – you want single debit (line-by-line debit) on your corporate account.

False means – you want bulk debit on your corporate account. This requires Float card.

Terminal_Id M 8 Alphanumeric Uniquely identified the third party system. It will be provided by Interswitch.
Secure_Data M Alphanumeric Sample Code would be provided in JavaScript and C# on how to generate secure data using Source Card Pan, Expiry and Pin. Please click here to download Library





Source_Account_Number M <=25 Numeric Ensure NUBAN for commercial banks. For prepaid card load, specify the card number (PAN).
Source_Account_Type M 2 Numeric Specify whether account is savings or current. See appendix for options.
Encrypted_Pin M Alphanumeric Cryptographically secure pin data
Mac_Data M Alphanumeric Concatenate Terminal ID, beneficiary code(s), total amount and beneficiary account number(s). Hash using the SHA512 algorithm.  (See appendix for sample code)
PaymentRef M Alphanumeric A unique reference tied to each payment item.

NB: This must be unique per beneficiary.

Amount M Numeric Amount for each Beneficiary, sent in lower denomination.
BeneficiaryCode M Alphanumeric Usually the Employee ID, Contractor ID, etc. Account number may be used.
Beneficiary_Name M Alphabetic Name of Beneficiary
Bank_Cbn_Code M <=3 Numeric A code for each bank. See appendix
Beneficiary_Account M <=25 Numeric Ensure NUBAN for commercial banks. For prepaid card load, specify the card number (PAN).
Beneficiary_Account_Type M M 2 Numeric
IS_PrepaidLoad M 1 Boolean Used to specify if a card or account is being credited. (True / False)
Mobile_Number O >11 Numeric Beneficiary mobile number


Source_Account_Number : Pass any valid NUBAN account No.

Source_Account_Type: Pass the account type tied to the above Source_Account_Number.

NB: The PAN,CVV,PIN, and Expiry date are values used to compute the Secure_Data, Encrypted_PIN and AUTH_DATA.

  • Secure_Data, and Encrypted_PIN: These are values generated when creating a file.
  • AUTH_DATA: This value is used for balance enquiry and PIN change.

Refer to the below link to access the libraries that would assist you in generating Secure_Data, Encrypted_PIN and AUTH_DATA.

Secure_Data, Encrypted_PIN and AUTH_DATA Libraries.

The libraries are only available in C# or JavaScript,


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