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VTUCare© (Interswitch’s Virtual Top-up& Stock Server) receives Top-up transaction requests from channels downstream (ATM/POS/WEB/PCPOS/KIOSK/MOBILE), processes these requests and in the case of Virtual Top-Up forwards the message onwards to the Virtual Top-up Service Provider for fulfillment.

This document describes the defined standards for interaction between VTUCare and Virtual Top-up Service Providers that will exist upstream of VTUCare and participate in completing a transaction’s lifecycle.

PROTOCOL All Interaction will be via exchange of SOAP xml messages, where VTUCare as client will initiate an HTTPS connection to a Virtual Top-up Service Provider and communicate via sending a SOAP message to the listening web service interface.

An SSL certificate will be provided to Interswitch by the Virtual Top-up Service provider. This will be used by the Virtual Top-up Service provider to identify messages from VTUCare as a client. Virtual Top-up Service Provider may choose to implement Basic Http Authentication, this is however not a compulsory requirement.

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