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Block Card

A Block Card call is a request to block a card by an issuer.

Endpoint: POST -> {host}/scplite/cards/block

The following describes the important elements required to be sent for a Block Card request

Request Headers

NameKeyValue (Sample)TypeLengthPurpose (Use cases)
Card’s encrypted Auth DataauthData…SASA22312=StringAuthData Specification
Banck codeBankCode999numberSubmitted with the CMS API requests. CMS uses this value to query for the Card Programs value.
User IduserIduser.namestringThis is submitted as part of the calls to Postman to identify the user making the call.
Issuer NumberissuerNr2stringCard issuer unique id.

Sample Request


Request Body Description

Card sequence numbersequenceNo999Numeric3

Response code

Response CodeResponse Message
204No content
400bad request.
500Internal error (exception) occurred.

Sample Response (Success)

HTTP response code 204

Sample Response (Failure)

"errors": [
"code": 57, //A postilion response code
"message": "PAN not found" //Interpretation of the postilion code

Response Body Description

FieldField nameDescription
1codePostilion’s response code
2messageTextual representation of the response code
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