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Create Payment Methods

A call to do payment methods from interswitch.

Resource Url


CreatePaymentMethod Request

The following describes the element required to be sent for a Register User request.

Field Description Required
ttid Unique Transaction Id Yes
phoneNumber  User’s phone Number Yes
paymentItemCode   Yes
Secure Yes
PinData Yes
scheme The verve wallet scheme owner Yes
channel The verve wallet channel owner Yes
merchantId The verve wallet merchant ID. Yes
transactionType The type of transaction Yes
version Secure version Yes
cardName default
paymentMethodCode   Yes
amt Amount in lower denomination Yes
custNum Unique Id to Identify customer Yes


Sample Request


“ttid”: “510”,

“status”: “active”,

“selAccType”: “default”,  “msisdn”:






738a782d2d6c8f41364b07d9bdd8a56a176286489acc424b6689a9523a5cea627065 508d4efdc24c0f7d7525bca5b930aaaa660506e671b04b63b8eacb7140e8b89e4188

20d3e4c15ca987b6fbb46041365953a73b47f867c8969b536fa8a7247a028a32c342 8056f769c8d79852bd4f056bdf0d9dfa44ff45265e333a8320550ea9929a1ecb99f2 b8aac6c90144c48bf387e08146e44112b5948”,

“accountNo”: “”,

“merchantid”: “QTMOBILE1EPPIGY”,

“version”: “5.0”,

“pinData”: “cbfd364ef0ef0a23”,

“transactionType”: “createpaymentmethod”,

“cardName”: “default”,

“scheme”: “EPG”,

“paymentMethodTypeCode”: “QTA”,

“channel”: “quicktellermobile”



CreatePaymentMethod Response

A HTTP response code 200 is sent back for a success

Response Parameters

Field Description  
code Response Code Present only when there is an error
description Description of response Present only when there is an error
Error Description of error (if present) Present only when there is an error


Sample Response


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