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DoAccountTransfer Methods

A call to do payment methods from interswitch .

Resource Url https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/api/v1/verve/wallet/subscribers/{SubscriberID}/paymentmethods /{paymentMethodCode}/accounttransfers.json

DoAccountTransfer Request

The following describes the element required to be sent for a Register User request.

Field Description Required
ttid Unique Transaction Id Yes
phoneNumber  User’s phone Number Yes
paymentItemCode   Yes
scheme The verve wallet scheme owner Yes
channel The verve wallet channel owner Yes
merchantId The verve wallet merchant ID. Yes
transactionType The type of transaction Yes
version Secure version Yes
paymentMethodCode   Yes
amt Amount in lower denomination Yes
custNum Unique Id to Identify customer Yes



Sample Request


“ttid”: 470,

“paymentMethodCode”: “UBA”,

“selAccType”: “default”,






5774ce9ca92085cff68a73045d90857825c90cce2a5702e96a87525f0801b68ec4a3b19c1 0d1201415072b78e2d18c32589ce7fe1ad88d448bf92a5afeea492cbde2375157bd2ff5ef



“version”: 5,

“pinData”: “sdhj39fbhf3f9g”,

“amt”: 2000000,

“cardName”: “default”,

“toAccType”: “Savings”,

“scheme”: “Epiggy”,

“paymentMethodTypeCode”: “VMP”,

“toAcctNo”: “0020159989”,

“toBankCode”: “GTB”,

“subscriberId”: 2347064560960



DoAccountTransfer Response

A HTTP response code 201 is sent back for a success

Response Parameters

Field Description  
code Response Code Present only when there is an error
description Description of response Present only when there is an error
Error Description of error (if present) Present only when there is an error


Sample Response





Requests will be sent over the REST protocol.

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