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What is FEP?

FEP is an Acronym for Front End Partner this is a unique Identifier for the institution which the Paycode integration is being worked on. e.g WEMA, GTMM etc.

Where should i pass my FEP in the header or on the body?

The FEP is passed in the header of the request as the front End partner ID


What is MMO?

This is an acronym for Mobile Money Operator. The MMO version of paycode isn’t tied to a customers account.
It is used by primarily by Non Banks, although this can also be used by banks

What is verve mPin?

Verve mPin is a version of paycode that is tied to a bank account, this version of paycode is used only by banks.


What is Payment method type code?




What is payment method code?



What is the Usage of the authorization and reversal endpoint?

When a customer attempts to make use of a paycode, Interswitch sends a request to the institution from which the paycode is being generated to authorize the it.
The authorization endpoint is where interswitch’s request is being made to.
While the reversal endoint is needed when paycode usage fails, in such a situation the requests would need to be reversed;  therefore the reversal endpoint is where the reversal request is made to.

What is the standard for The TTID

The TTID should be a 6 digit value and must not include alphabets or characters.

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