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Get all Transaction History with Date Range

This end point enables the caller to get analytical information based on transaction history for a specified period.

Request Data Description

#Field NameData TypeMax Length / FormatRequiredDescription
1startDateDateYYYY-MM-ddYesThis field specify the beginning of your report. The analysis will cover all records between the value specified in this field and the endDate field.
2endDateDateYYYY-MM-ddYesThis field specified the report end date





Authentication: User Access Token or Client Access Token

Content-Type: application/jsonSample

Request: {"startDate""2020-01-01","endDate""2020-04-01" }


Response: {"responseCode": "00",
"responseMessage": "Successful",
"dateRange": "6-Months",
"data": {"totalCount": 9,"totalSum": 2763200,
"transactionTypeAnalysisList": [
{"transactionType": "CASH DEPOSIT",
"transactionCount": 1,
"transactionAmount": 320000},
{"transactionType": "POS WITHDRAWAL",
"transactionCount": 2,
"transactionAmount": 54000},
{"transactionType": "CASH WITHDRAWAL",
"transactionCount": 6,
"transactionAmount": 2389200}]
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