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Get An Individual Transaction History

This end point enables the caller to get analytical information a given individual based on his transaction history for a specified period.

Request Data Description

#Field NameData TypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
YESThis field specify the phone number of the individual we want to get the available KYC information for.

Request Body Description

#Field NameData TypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
2startDateDateYYYY-MM-ddYesThis field specify the beginning of your report. The analysis will cover all records between the value specified in this field and the endDate field.
3endDateDateYYYY-MM-ddYesThis field specified the report end date

Request Endpoint: {{baseurl}}/api/v1/request/ils/{{msisdn}}/analysis

NOTE: Change the {{msisdn}} in the url to a valid msisdn for the individual you seek to get their transaction history analysi


Authentication: User Access Token or Client Access Token
Content-Type: application/json

Sample Request

Request: {

"startDate": "2010-01-01",
"endDate": "2021-01-01"

Sample Response

Response: {
"responseCode": "00",
"responseMessage": Successful,
"totalCount": 6
"totalSum": 500000
"transactionTypeAnalysisList": [
"transactionType": "POS_WITHDRAWAL",
"transactionAmount": 200000
"transactionType": "CASH_WITHDRAWAL",
"transactionAmount": 300000


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