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Retrieve Clear MSISDN

This endpoint returns a given hashed msisdn in a clear format given that the record exists on the Interswitch IDS platform.

Base URL: https://api-gateway.interswitchng.com/isw-data-service

Request Parameters

SNField NameData TypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
1msisdnString50YesThis field accept a string of character representing an hashed msisdn that we seek to retrieve the clear msisdn for

Base Endpoint: {{baseurl}}/verify?msisdn=44D3DCDA61B2AB7A39C61D2B964B2A

NOTE: The msisdn in the url is the hashed msisdn that the caller want to retrieve a clear msisdn equivalent

Request Headers

HTTP Method: GET
Authentication: Bearer Token

Sample Response


"responseCode": "00",

"responseMessage": "Successful",

"data": {

"msisdn": "2348054930703"



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