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Redirect Implementation

Transaction Payment Leg

To make use of the new WebPAY payment page, kindly make use of the same request structure as the old WebPAY (for more details on payment POST request structure, click here).

However, the only difference is that your request should be sent to below service URLs:-

Payment URL for New WebPAY

TEST Payment URLhttps://sandbox.interswitchng.com/collections/w/pay
TEST Query URL (JSON)https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/collections/api/v1/gettransaction.json
LIVE Payment URLhttps://webpay.interswitchng.com/collections/w/pay
LIVE Query URL (JSON)https://webpay.interswitchng.com/collections/api/v1/gettransaction.json
Payment URL for New WebPAY


Test Merchant Details are also below:-

1.5% Fee New WebPAY Details (NO SPLIT XML)

1.5% to a cap of N2,000 Transaction Fee for New WebPAY Details (NO SPLIT XML)
Field NameExpected ValueComments
Mac KeyD3D1D05AFE42AD50818167EAC73C109168A0F108F32645C8B59E897FA930DA44F9230910DAC9E20641823799A107A02068F7BC0F4CC41D2952E249552255710F


All other details remain the same.


Server Response – ResponseDescription & ResponseCode returned

After payment, details of the transaction are returned to the merchant website for processing.This is done in the form of a HTTP POST request sent to the site_redirect_url.

Transaction Confirmation Leg

Transaction confirmation is done the same way as with old WebPAY (for more details on transaction confirmation GET request structure, click here).

Request URL
HTTP GET -> https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/collections/api/v1/gettransaction.json?productid=1076&transactionreference=JB1692583&amount=66600

Host: sandbox.interswitchng.com

Hash: 29EC8A9728F385672D1774B8860626C706E7B7E73C059C46AE4272E06AECEA2D4D1A417C37A303AA14767B082A0B8AF1D81895740B3442C732D4531D54E2474E

Sample Responses:-

You can find a complete working script in the Sample Code section.

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