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Split Payment

Split payment allows splitting of total processed amount between multiple accounts, or all processed amount to be domiciled in one account only. Bear in mind the instruction to SPLIT or not is sent from you to the WebPAY Service to execute.

The Total split amount should be equal to the transaction amount in the request and the primary account and sub-account should be specified using the split accounts JSON list. Please note the transaction amount will be removed from the primary account.

Request Message Description 

Field # Field name Data type Required Description 
site_redirect_url String merchant’s website redirect url 
pay_item_id String payable_code 
txn_ref String transaction reference 
amount String amount 
currency String currency of transaction (Naira = 566, USD = 840) 
cust_name String merchant customer name 
cust_id String merchant customer id 
pay_item_name String name of the item being paid for 
merchant_code String merchant_code 
10 split_account String split accounts list 
alias String alias of settlement account where transaction should be split to 
amount String Y* amount to be split into this account. should be an empty string if percentage field is specified 
percentage String Y* percentage of transaction amount to be split into account. should be empty string if item_amt field is specified 
primary String Y* identifies account for fee deduction (can only be set to true on one account). 
description String a brief description for each split instruction 

Sample Post Form

<form method='post' action='https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/collections/w/pay'> 
  <input name='site_redirect_url' value='www.happysana.com/redirect/' /> 
  <input name='pay_item_id' value='2674246' /> 
  <input name='txn_ref' value='1559290858392' /> 
  <input name='amount' value='10000' /> 
  <input name='currency' value='566' /> 
  <input name='cust_name' value='happysana' /> 
  <input name='cust_id' value='0000000001' /> 
  <input name='pay_item_name' value='AVASyn' /> 
  <input name='display_mode' value='PAGE' /> 
  <input name='merchant_code' value='WEBDEMO' /> 
  <input name='split_accounts' value= '[{"alias":"WEB_SPLIT_1","percentage":"60","description":"tuition","isPrimary":"true"}, {"alias":"WEB_SPLIT_2","percentage":"30","description":"housing"},{"alias":"WEB_SPLIT_1","percentage":"10","description":"transport"}]' /> 
  <input type='submit' value='Submit Form' /> 

Payment with SPLIT Instruction XML

Additional HTTP POST Fields

payment_paramsFor miscellaneous payment parametersvariablealphanumeric
xml_dataAny other data that needs to be sent

will be packaged as xml and put in this field


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