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Popup Implementation

New WebPAY Pop-Up Implementation

This can be used by customers who want to keep the customer experience look and feel of their website intact.


Transaction Payment Leg

Payment leg is achieved via below script sent to service URL http://sandbox.interswitchng.com/collections/public/webpay.js.

Complete merchant details to use can be found below:

1.5% Fee New WebPAY Details (NO SPLIT XML)

1.5% to a cap of N2,000 Transaction Fee for New WebPAY Details (NO SPLIT XML)
Field NameExpected ValueComments
Mac KeyD3D1D05AFE42AD50818167EAC73C109168A0F108F32645C8B59E897FA930DA44F9230910DAC9E20641823799A107A02068F7BC0F4CC41D2952E249552255710F


Server Response – Object paymentResponse

Aside the normal GET Transaction request to confirm transaction status (see here for more details) it is also possible to receive the results of a transaction from an object returned called paymentResponse.

You can find a complete working script in the Sample Code section.

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