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Getting Started


Introduction to CollegePAY

Interswitch CollegePAY Payment Page is a simple page that can be utilized on any website seeking to offer visitors the facility to pay for fees and services by using their bank issued cards or other payment tokens. It is designed for schools and various institutions who have little experience in server side scripting, or who use shared web servers that do not offer secure database services.

  • Easy to set up: Interswitch CollegePAY Payment Page is easily integrated with most of the major Content management systems.
  • Simple Integration: with just a few lines of code, the institution’s website can be ready to accept payment.
  • Complete security: Customers enter their bank card details on the Interswitch CollegePAY payment page and it takes care of the transaction security from there. Therefore the website owner does not need to worry about cardholder security as they do not process the card data. The Interswitch platform is certified under the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security) Standard

With Interswitch CollegePAY, all transaction information is held at Interswitch. The customer is redirected to Interswitch WebPAY Secure Page to enter their card details, therefore no sensitive customer information needs to be taken or stored by the institution’s website, thereby removing the need for them to maintain highly secure encrypted databases, or obtain digital certificates

WebPAY Secure Payment Page Overview

The Interswitch WebPAY Payment Page main page optionally carries the merchant’s logo and a description of the goods the customer is paying for, so they can remain confident who they are buying from.

Once the customer has selected their payment method and confirmed they wish to complete the payment, Interswitch WebPAY requests authorization from the customer’s bank. Once the bank authorizes the payment, WebPAY redirects the customer back to a page on the institution’s website.

The merchant/institution’s return page is sent information which can be accessed using standard web technology.


As part of the integration, DEMO Payment Card details (PAN, PIN, Expiry Date, CVV2) will be provided which can be used to make payments and have a feeling of the transaction process.


Type of CardCard PANExpiry Date (Full)Expiry Date (Short)PINCVV2
Successful Transactions Card6280511000000095December
No Card Record Card5061030000000000043January

To view the test cards, click here.


Please note, you cannot use real credit/debit cards on the Test environment and vice versa. Note also that on the test environment no real debit or credit occurs to any bank account.


If you require any assistance/clarification concerning the details contained in this documentation, please feel free to contact PaymentProductIntegration@interswitchgroup.com
You can also reach us on +234-1-9065000.


For the popular CMS platforms, Kindly contact PaymentProductIntegration@interswitchgroup.com for more information on availability of applicable plugins.

– WordPress Plugin

– OpenCart Plugin

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