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Hash Computation

Hash Computation

After a concluded PAY transaction and the above parameters were sent to your servers as response. Using the above parameters:-

  • productid (product id as returned by WebPAY)
  • txn_ref (transaction reference as returned by WebPAY)
  • MAC Key (MAC Key used for WebPAY)

where ‘+’ represents string concatenation of values (i.e., “a” + “b” = “ab”).


Hash Computation Example

For example for a transaction with the following field values –

1) txn_ref – MYC_060616_31

2) product_id – 6207

3) MacKey –



String to be hashed =



After computing value…


Hash =


A good resource where you can check the hash you;re generating can be found at the link below-

SHA 512 Generator

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