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Sample Response & Fields

Payment Response

The following are the parameters returned by WebPAY for real time transactions.

FieldField DescriptionExpected Values
apprAmtWill always have a value of 0 0
cardNumWill always have a value of 0 0
payRefA reference number that uniquely identifies all transactions that goes through the gateway variable
retRefReference number from the switch’s interconnecting with the banking application variable
txnrefThe transaction Reference initially generated & sent by the merchant site will be sent back with this variable variable


Note: CollegePAY will perform a HTTP POST to the site_redirect_url sent in the initial request/payment leg. You should use the txn_ref sent to your site_redirect_url to query Interswitch for transaction data (next section)




Successful Transaction Response



Failed Transaction Response


Please note, for a failed transaction some response parameters will be empty


The POST back sent from Interswitch can be viewed using Firefox browser as below:-

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