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Payment with SPLIT Instruction XML

Additional HTTP POST Fields

payment_paramsFor miscellaneous payment parameters variablealphanumeric
xml_dataAny other data that needs to be sent

will be packaged as xml and put in this field

‘xml_data’ Format

The addition of the item_amt in the split data must be the equal to the amounttransaction fee

Hence (item_amt_1 + item_amt_2 + …item_amt_X) = (AmountTransactionFee).

This is to say, that you would like to split a specified amount after the transaction fee has been deducted.

For instance if,

Split Item 1 = N500 (destined for a  UBA account – 9876543210)

Split Item 2 = N2,000 (destined for a  GTBank account – 1234567890)

Transaction Fee = N300 (Interswitch Fee to be deducted from total amount before settlement)

The above scenario can be represented in XML like below:-

Please note, on the sandbox environment real funds are not used, hence for account number, any 10 digit number string can be used. Once Live please use only authorised account details.

For the complete list of SPLIT bank codes, click here.

Sample Request


Please note, you will be settled whatever customer was debited less the respective transaction fee. In order to pass this transaction fee to the customer, you can use the following method:-

For transaction fee N300, do the following,
Let’s say the Merchant has an item worth N4,500.
Amount to be Sent to WebPAY (Y) = 4500 + 300 = 4800
Fee = 300.
Amount Settled to Merchant = Y – Fee
= 4800 – 300 = 4500

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