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Getting Transaction Status

Getting Transaction Status by Querying the WebService 

This service URL can be used to get the status of a transaction. Below are the HTTP request method and parameters to be used.



GET https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/webpay/api/v1/gettransaction.json

GET https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/webpay/api/v1/gettransaction.xml


Request Parameters

Request Body ParameterDescriptionFormat
productidMerchant Product Identifier on WebPAY. Same used in Payment legNumeric
amountOriginal transaction reference sent in the original request  (transaction reference you generated for this Numeric
transactionreferenceOriginal amount sent in the transaction, in lower denomination

i.e kobo value. Same value sent in 2.4 above


Security Parameters

Request Body ParameterDescriptionFormat
hashSHA512 hash of productid, transactionreference and your MAC key . same way you computed your hash in 2.3 above but different parameters this time .This should be sent in the header of the request as Hash

NOTE: – The value of the hash is passed in the header of the GET request as Hash


Request Submission

The amount, transaction reference and product id are sent in a HTTP GET request to the service URL with the calculated hash in the header of the request.

Request String:-

GET: https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/webpay/api/v1/gettransaction.json?productId=6207&transactionreference=001211343476456&amount=304500


Connection: Keep-Alive

Host: sandbox.interswitchng.com



Find below a sample POSTMan screen grab showing request and response structure. (click image to expand)





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