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API Payment



This document describes how a third-party will request for Interswitch Payment Gateway API. Note that all data formats and response definitions are in conformance with the REST standard.

Interswitch payment gateway is a product for businesses who would like to accept payments online (website or mobile devices). If you are a certified and regulated payment processor who would like to provide your own payment gateway, Interswitch payment gateway makes available a processing API with which you can process both local and international card payments for businesses in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Gambia. For more information about these possibilities, please send an email to ipgsupport@interswitchgroup.com


To begin the using the platform you must register for an account on the Interswitch Payment Gateway portal (https://business.quickteller.com). Please follow the registration process and choose to ‘Test mode’ to begin. This mode allows you to test the platform for a period of two weeks within which we expect that you have concluded your development, tested and are ready to go live.


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