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Getting Access Token

What Is an Access Token?

The Access Token is needed in every request sent to the system in order to validate the sending user.

Request Structure

Method: POST

Endpoint: https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/passport/oauth/token

Request Body/Payload: “grant_type”:”client_credentials”

Request Headers (as Key:Value pairs):

  • Content-Type : application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Authorization : Basic SUtJQTgzQkREMEI2NTlFMzUzQTI4OUQ1QUQ1QUQ5NzkzNjYwOERENzUwNzI6OHEwUzVWd2tRMHZwV01BNFJqRXZuc0Z0NWsyK0V0elExZkRiM1dPRS80OD0=

where Authorization is Base64(clientID:SecretKey). For example in the above request
Base64(IKIA9614B82064D632E9B6418DF358A6A4AEA84D7218:XCTiBtLy1G9chAnyg0z3BcaFK4cVpwDg/GTw2EmjTZ8=) —– SUtJQTk2MTRCODIwNjRENjMyRTlCNjQxOERGMzU4QTZBNEFFQTg0RDcyMTg6WENUaUJ0THkxRzljaEFueWcwejNCY2FGSzRjVnB3RGcvR1R3MkVtalRaOD0=

Find sample response below

The expires_in field represents how long before the token expires (in seconds).

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