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AutoPAY Corporate

As an AutoPAY corporate, you can do the following:

  • Transfer funds across your accounts set up on AutoPAY (note that you must have obtained an AutoPAY card from your bank).
  • Transfer funds to third party beneficiaries
  • View account balances for all accounts set up on AutoPAY
  • View reports of all transactions carried out on the system

AutoPAY Roles

There are 4 major roles on AutoPAY. They are:

  • Corporate Administrator: The administrator is responsible for setting up the system (more details here). This role is not involved in the payment process.
  • Corporate Initiating Officer: The initiating officer is responsible for creating or uploading payments on the system. The payment process starts with this role.
  • Corporate Approving Officer: The approving officer is responsible for a first level check on transactions uploaded.
  • Corporate Authorizing Officer: The authorizing officer is responsible for the final authorization and commit of transactions.

Please click on any of the links below for details on roles and their functions.



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