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AutoPAY is a secure, web-based payment solution that allows individuals, corporate and government organisations to make payments from their bank account to beneficiaries in any of the 18 banks in Nigeria. Autopay can also send SMSs to keep you up to date on the latest payments in real time.

Benefits of Autopay

  • Make easy once-off or recurring credit payments to any bank
  • Make payments from the comfort of your office
  • Identify which third party has paid and who verified the payment
  • Monitor account balances across various banks in real time
  • Receive SMS updates on all payments
  • Transfer funds across registered accounts
  • Immediate value for money as their accounts are settled on the same day
  • Instant notification via email and/or SMS
  • Benefits from loyalty schemes, price breaks, bonus packages and more

Which payments are made easier with Autopay?

  • Supplier/Vendor/Contractor third-party payments
  • Salary payments
  • Subscriptions (Telecom, Cable TV)
  • Pension contributions
  • Insurance premiums
  • Travel expense per day/fuel allowance
  • Lease payments

Website URL: https://corporateautopay.com

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