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Cards and Accounts Setup

To setup Cards:

  • Click Corporate Cards -> Add A New Card
  • Fill in the card details:
    • Descriptive Name: e.g. First Bank Card. This will help you distinguish one card from another
    • Card Number: This is to be provided by your bank
    • Expiry Date: This is to be provided by your bank
  • Click Save

To setup Accounts:

  • Click Corporate Accounts -> Add A New Account
  • Fill in the account details
    • Card: Select the card linked to the account you are trying to setup
    • Account Name: Any descriptive name that will enable you distinguish this account from another. Note that at the point of initiating a batch, the initiating officer will have to select the account to pay out from. Please be as descriptive as possible when selecting an account name in order to avoid confusion.
    • Account Number: Account number
    • Bank: Bank
    • Account Type: Select current if uncertain
  • Click Save

Card and Account Setup Video

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