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Payment Channels   

Code Name
3 Web
4 Mobile
5 Kiosk
6 Voice
7 Location


Bank Entity Codes   

 Bank Name  Bank CBN Code
 Access Bank  044
 Diamond Bank  063
 Ecobank  050
 FCMB  214
 Fidelity Bank  070
 First Bank of Nigeria  011
Guaranty Trust Bank  058
Heritage Bank 030
Jaiz Bank 301




Skye Bank 076
Stanbic IBTC Bank 221
Standard chartered 068
Sterling Bank 232
Union Bank 032
United Bank for Africa 033
Unity Bank 215
Wema Bank 035
Zenith International Bank 057



Requests will be sent over HTTPS only. Each request is also sent using a custom InterswitchAuth Authorization Realm.  The Interswitch Security documentation should be sent along with this document, kindly request for it if it has not been included. There are some sensitive parameters in the requests that are expected to be signed.

Response Code

Please refer to the standard HTTP response codes. Where anything starting with 2XX signifies approved, 4XX means client error and 5XX indicates server error. When the response codes start with 4XX or 5XX, an error object will be returned to explain further the reason for this failure. See Appendix B for error code descriptions.




Sample Response Codes

Sample response Codes obtainable are below. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

Response Code Response description
E10 The service field tag has not been populated.  Please ask Interswitch Support for more help.
E11 This requests expects a transactionType field to be set and it is not.  Please ask Interswitch Support for more help
E12 SecurityToken header is missing.
E13 Username or password is wrong.
E14 Missing content type header.
E15 The transaction you are trying to do is not supported
E16 The service you have specified is not available
E17 The service provider you have specified has not been set up on the platform.
E18 The service is unreachable at the moment
E19 A bad response was received from service provider
E20 Your request has timed out
E21 An unknown error has occurred. Please ask Interswitch Support for more help.
E22 Access key has not been supplied. Ensure the Authorization header has been set appropriately.
E23 Nonce has not been supplied. Ensure the Nonce header has been set appropriately.
E24 Please synchronize your time with the server and ensure your time is not outside of 30mins of the Server local time.

The standard time zone used is GMT

E25 Nonce has already been used
E26 Signature failed for this request.  Please ask Interswitch Support for more help.
E27 An unknown error occured during Authentication.  Please ask Interswitch Support for more help.
E28 Your credentials do not have access to this resource
E29 Timestamp is missing in your header
E30 SecurityToken header is bad.
E31 XML data is badly formatted
E32 JSON data is badly formatted
E33 Keystore is not accessible. Contact Interswitch.
E34 The system is busy at the moment, please try again later.
E35 Bad request to service provider. Contact Interswitch.
E36 Bad request to service processor. Contact Interswitch.
E37 Bad request from client. Kindly check your message.
E38 Bad response from service provider. Contact Interswitch.
E39 Bad response from service processor. Contact Interswitch.
E40 Bad response to client. Contact Interswitch.
E41 Bad request from client. Kindly check your message.


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