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Airtime Purchase

NOTE: The InterSwitch application will have a web front end where the external system scheme operator can configure her float card/AutoPAY card that will be used for the above transaction

  • External system maintains a list of all organization it plans to support. This can be obtained by a mix of the following calls: GetBillers, GetBillerPaymentItems, GetBillerCategories
  • External system debits user’s VA or accepts mode of payment
  • External system sends a SendBillPaymentAdvice message to InterSwitch containing all relevant information to complete the bill payment
  • InterSwitch credits organization and performs settlement against external system’s sponsor bank.
  • In the case of any error, InterSwitch will respond appropriately and this would go all the way to the external system to do reversals internally
  • External system can always use a QueryTransaction call to InterSwitch to verify any
    transaction status
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