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This repository contains Java SDK and samples for Business to Consumer bill payments.



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A biller is any Organization/Institution/Business that is able to exchange services for a fee. e.g Telecoms provider(Airtel, Glo, MTN), Government Body(Lagos State) etc.


Billers are grouped under categories. For instance, all cable providers(DSTV, GOTV) can e grouped under a cable Category.


An individual that has an intent and/or pays for any of the services offered by a Biller.


A biller(e.g DSTV) can offer different services and hence different prices for them. Each of those services, falls under a payment-item and has a unique payment-item-code. We say that a user has intent to pay for a payment-item offered by a Biller. An example of a payment-item under DSTV is the DSTV Premium Bouquet

What this SDK provides for you

Get All Billers

Get All Categorys

Get All Billers under a Category

Get Biller Payment Items

Validate Customer

Make payment for a customer

Query the status of a transaction


Check out the samples folder for sample code on all the features above. It contains all the sample code for all features.

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Download Link

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