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Process Flows

Basic flow:-

  1. Call GetBillers (M) : To get all billers
  2. Call GetBillerPaymentItems (M) : To gets the items attached to a particular biller.
  3. Call SendBillPaymentAdvice (M) : To get send request to ISW for processing.
  4. Call CustomerValidation (M) : For items that requires validation. E.g. Disco, LCC etc.
  5. QueryTransaction (M): To get the status of a specific transaction.
Test Parameters


Initiating Entity Code: NRX
Terminal ID: 3DMO0001
Prefix for 12-digit Transfer Code/Request Reference: 2478

NOTE: Kindly ensure the QueryTransaction request is made no earlier than 360secs after Send BillPayment Advice / DoTransfer response has been received or the timeout period has elapsed. Also, ensure your request timeout is set to a minimum of 60secs for Send BillPayment Advice / DoTransfer calls.


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