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Query Transaction

This method is used to retrieve the status of a transaction

HTTP Method: GET

Resource Url



https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/api/v2/quickteller/transactions?requestreference=119420151169 (where 119420151169 is a sample requestReference)


Please refer to attached document to learn how to compute the required headers for authentication.

ISA01000I Interswitch Services API Specification

Authentication Headers

Content Type:application/json
Authorization:InterswitchAuth SUifhfjdbxbkfhj132hdfhjshfjhsv
Signature: kuTwggg/3gdgdghs=
Timestamp: 1434455667788
TerminalID: 3DMO0001
Field M/O Length Format Description
RequestReference M 20 Alphanumeric The request reference passed in the ‘SendBillPaymentAdvice’ method or the transfer code passed in the ‘DoTransfer’ method
Terminal ID O 8 Alphanumeric Terminal ID provided by Interswitch

QueryTransaction Response

A HTTP response code 200 is sent back for a success
Response Parameters

Field Description
ResponseCode Response Code
TransactionResponseCode TransactionResponseCode confirms the status of the queried transaction

Requests will be sent over the REST protocol

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