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Send Bill Payment Notification (Fund Prepaid)

This method is used to


Resource Url


Please refer to attached document to learn how to compute the required headers for authentication. ISA01000I Interswitch Services Authentication Specification.pdf

Authentication Headers

Content Type:application/json
Authorization:InterswitchAuth SUifhfjdbxbkfhj132hdfhjshfjhsv
Signature: kuTwggg/3gdgdghs=
Timestamp: 1434455667788
TerminalID: 3DMO0001

Request Parameters

Field M/O Length Description
TerminalId M Terminal ID assigned by Interswitch
PaymentCode M <=20 Unique payment code retrieved for Fund Prepaid Card
CustomerId M <=50 Customer’s Unique Identifier
CustomerMobile O <=13 Customer’s Mobile Number
CustomerEmail O <=50 Customer’s Email Address
Amount M Amount Paid by customer. Amount should be sent in lower denomination
requestReference M <=12  Unique requestReference generated on Client’s system and sent in DoTransfer request. 4 digit requestreference prefix will be provided by Interswitch.

Bill Payment Request


Bill Payment Response

A HTTP response code 200 is sent back for a success
Response Parameters

Field Description
TransactionReference (A billPayment transaction) Unique Transaction reference generated by Interswitch
MiscData (Only returned if a billpayment is PIN based)  Biller’s Token
PIN(Only returned if a billpayment is PIN based) Biller’s Token
ResponseCodeGrouping A response of status is returned (SUCCESS, FAILED, or PENDING)

Sample Response
“ResponseCode”: 90000,
“ResponseCodeGrouping”: “SUCCESSFUL”,
“ApprovedAmount”: 50000,
“RechargePIN”: “Virtual Top Up”,
“TransactionRef”: “UNY|Web|3YTR0001|MTNV|180918165719|Y3DGDP9H”,
“ResponseDescription”: “”,
“MiscData”: “Virtual Top Up”

Requests will be sent over the REST protocol

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