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Complete Get Token with OTP

This endpoint will be used to convert a User’s Card AuthData to a Vault Token which can then be used against the Debit Customer API with the user’s OTP.

Request Message Description



Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 customerId String 50 true The Email or Mobile Number of the User.
2. authData String 512 true The AuthData computed from the Card Properties (PAN, CVV, Pin and Expiry).
3. otp String true The OTP
POST /v2/payments/token/validate


  Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Sample Request

“authData”: “RTojFURS9D1MDZ7gb6y7ych4ReHzoLr9AdIsqpZO4fj/huSyi+wDTig1ORaguhKkxm4NJLInJaFKKImKSSK0dG3cLqIiHnKL8RJdKCyvB74ku1P1l4MmQm+PrheYzjR8D6iBgGi9LMnTWxQajcnvnKMwl3FjjXHWDVB7lkWhk6KjATg4iEd7pZ1Y5frHYMsdMWGOQlzkIVRbVXcAKaHPqGlGIBNFPDbJxpME8KUp1f/QoqoJ/ryipa5oBVX3o2Z/p1YMAuWETxv3FFk39omKYZmh21uC+i2pgvBeg3T8bjqc5jFpA0Qxejj1uBWTwkUtzqvCUQxSSRIlfN2UEUOF8Q==”,
“customerId” : “2349095801772”,
“transactionRef” : “15345574890”,
“otp” : “770391”

Sample Response (success)

{        “cardType”: “Verve”,        “token”: “5123450558220138603”,        “tokenExpiry”: “0420”,        “transactionRef” : “1234566”,        “panLast4Digits”: “7499”}
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