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Get Loan Status

This endpoint will be used by channels’ client to get the current status of a particular loan.

Request Message Description



Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 customerId string true The Mobile Number of the User.
2 loanId String true The ID of the Loan for which status is being requested.
3 providerCode String true The Code of the Provider that offered the loan.
4 channelCode String true The Code of the Channel from which this request originates.


GET /loans/{loanId}/status?customerId={customerId}&providerCode={providerCode}&channelCode={channelCode}


  Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Sample request


Response Message  field description



Field name Description
1 responseCode The code indicating the result of the processing of this request.
2 responseDescription The Description of the responseCode.
3 status The Current Status of the Loan. See the Loan Status Description for more details.
4 remainingAmount The Amount required of the customer to pay so that loan can be closed.
5 dueDate The Date/Time at which this loan will become overdue (if it hasn’t).
6 amount The Amount which the Customer was credited for the loan.
7 amountPayable The Total Amount expected to be paid (before due date) for the loan to be considered closed.
8 tenure The number of days from the time of acceptance of loan after which loan will be overdue.
9 terms The Terms and Conditions that applied to the loan.

Sample Response (success)


“responseCode”: “00”,

“responseMessage”: “Successful”,

“status”: “Closed”,

“remainingAmount”: 0,

“dueDate”: “2017-06-12T12:38:54Z”,

“amount”: 100000,

“amountPayable”: 0,

“tenure”: 30,

“terms”: “Please read the terms and conditions on https://onefi.com/terms”


Sample Response (failure)


“responseCode” : “101”,

“responseMessage” : “Error while processing request. Please try again.”




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