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Get Salary Loan

Get Salary Loan

This endpoint creates a salary loan offer in the offers table, sends an accept offer request to the provider and credits the customer on behalf of the lender.

Request Message description

These are the fields to be sent by the third party channel in the request

Field#Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1customerIdString13trueThe phone number of the customer in 234 format
2channelCodeString50trueThe channel’s unique code
3providerCodeString50trueThe provider code of the salary lender
trueThe loan amount  in minor denomination (#1000===100000)
trueThe amount to be repaid by the customer
6accountNumberString50trueThe customer’s bank account
trueThe bank code of the associated customer’s bank 
trueThe loan tenure in days
9offeridString50trueThe unique offer identifier for the customer’s loan
trueThe percentage interest on the loan
trueThe channel’s identifier for the salary offer/loan record
12borrowerNameString50trueThe customer’s name
13accountNameString50trueThe customer’s account name
14companyNameString100trueThe customer’s company name
15phoneNumberString20trueThe phone number of the customer in 234 format
16bvnString11falseThe customer’s BVN


POST https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/lending-service/api/v1/salary/loan


Bearer {{token}}

Sample Request

Sample request

{"customerId""2348161286422","channelCode""APT","providerCode""MKT","bankName""GTBank","bankCode""011","accountNumber""1234567899","amount": 100000,"interest": 11.5,"amountPayable": 110000,"tenure": 14,"loanSchemeCode""SLY","offerId""ISW8490716851","borrowerName""John Ade","accountName""John Ade Umaru","companyName""ABC and Co","phoneNumber""23480600","bvn""1234567890"}

Response Message  field description

Field#Field nameDescription
1responseCodeCode of the returned response
2responseMessageMessage explaining describing the response
3transactionRefThe unique transaction reference 
4transactionIdThe unique transaction identifier
5loanIdThe unique loan identifier returned in the “get salary loan” response
Sample Response (success)

Successful Loan disbursement response

{"responseCode""S00","responseMessage""Salary loan successfully disbursed","transactionRef""BOL|LOC|CA|FBN|AC|180121151014|9MUN9QE94J","transactionId""0432529007994","loanId""APPMRT12345"}
Sample Response (failure)

Failed Loan disbursement response

{"responseCode""01","responseMessage""Failed (Unrecognized terminal owner)","transactionId""0432498810390"}
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