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Get Provider Offers

This endpoint is to get offers available to a user/customer from a specified Credit Company (Provider / lender).

Request Message description




Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1customerIdString trueThe Email or Mobile Number of the Customer for which offers are been requested.
2channelCodeString trueThe Code of the Channel from which this request is originating.
3providerCodeString trueThe Code of the Provider from which offers will be retrieved.
4fullnameString falseThe Full name of the Customer.
5amountNumeric String falseThe Amount of Loan that the customer wishes to take (in Kobo).



6serviceTypeString falseThe service type for the loan. e.g MONEY or RECHARGE




GET /offers?customerId={customerId}&channelCode={channelCode}&providerCode={providerCode}&amount={amount}&serviceType={serviceType}


 Authorization: Bearer {{token}}


Sample request


Response Message  field description

Field#Field nameDescription
1responseCodeThe Code representing the result of the request processing.
2responseMessageThe Description of the responseCode.
4offersArrays of the available offers.
4b.amountOfferedThe Amount which the Credit Company is ready to loan the customer/user.
4c.interestThe Interest Percentage that applies to the loan.
4d.amountPayableThe Compound Interest which is to be paid by the Customer at the end of the loan tenure.
4e.feesArray of the many fees that applied with the offer.
4f.tenureThe Duration for which the loan is applied. After this duration, the loan is marked as due. (in days)
4g.termsThe Terms and Conditions that applied to the offer.
4h.expiryDateThe Date and Time at which this offer becomes invalid.(UTC)
4i.currencyThe Currency Code of the Amount offered.

Sample Response (success)

"responseCode": "00",
"responseMessage": "Offers available",
"offers": [
"offerId": "FI12345",
"amountOffered": 1000000, // Ten thousand naira only
"interest" : 12.5 // In percentage: 12.5%
"amountPayable": 1250000, // Ten thousand, two hundred and fifty naira only
"tenure": 30,
"expiryDate": "2017-06-12T11:46:15Z"
"currency": "566"

Sample Response (failure)

"responseCode": "01",
"responseMessage": "You have an existing loan",
"offers": []

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