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Get Customer Status

This Endpoint will provide clients with the status of a user and all the current loans that the user is serving.



Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 customerId String true The Email or Mobile Number of the User whose status is being retrieved.
2 channelCode String true The Code of the Channel from which this request is made.
3 strict Boolean false A boolean value to specify whether the loans to be returned should be the ones originated from the Channel or not. (True: Only loans from Channel).


GET /users/{customerId}/status?channelCode={channelCode}


Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Sample request


Response Message  field description



Field name Description
1 responseCode The Code representing the result of the request processing.
2 responseMessage The Description of the responseCode
3 loans [Array] of the Loans being served.
3a offerId The Code of the Offer that was made for this loan
3b amount The Amount of the Loan.
3c interest The Interest Percentage on the loan.
3d acceptedDate The Date and Time at which this loan offer was accepted by the user.
3e dueDate The Date and Time at which this loan is due for payment and after which deduction will be made from the user’s payment card.
3f tenure The Duration of this loan.
3g provider The identifier of the Credit Company that provided this loan.
3h status The Status of this loan.
3i providerloanId The Loan ID of the loan. This will be used for further requests into the loan.
3j dateCreated The Date/Time at which the loan was accepted by the user.
3k interest The percentage interest offered on the loan.

Sample Response (success)


“responseCode”: “00”,

“responseMessage”: “Successful”,

“loans”: [


“id”: 159,

“offerId”: “0001”,

“customerId”: “2348124888436”,

“providerId”: 205,

“providerCode”: “ABC”,

“channelId”: 1,

“channelCode”: “CHONE”,

“status”: “Open”,

“amount”: 100000,

“amountPayable”: 110000,

“tenure”: 30,

“dueDate”: null,

“terms”: “Please read the terms and conditions on https://onefi.com/terms”,

“currency”: “566”,

“customerDebitMethod”: 80,

“customerCreditMethod”: 52,

“providerLoanId”: “0001”,

“interest”: 12.5,

“dateCreated”: 1496420509847




Sample Response (failure)


“responseCode”: “96”,

“responseMessage”: “Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later”


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