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Value Financing Transaction Notification

This Service receives a Transaction Notification response from a Value Financing Channel (such as Webpay). Subsequently, it is expected to send a request down to the Provider to notify them of the final status of the transaction. The Provider is in-turn expected to return a response acknowledging receipt of the request.

Request Message Description

Field#Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
trueThe request code indicating the status of the loan application
trueThe description of the requestCode. 
3loanIdString50trueThe Id of the accepted loan from the provider
4customerIdString50trueThe Mobile Number of the User who is requesting the loan. 
5 customerRef string Optional Customer reference number
trueThe Status of the Loan whether it is successful or not. Expected values are “OPEN” or “FAILED”
trueThe loan amount
8 transactionRef String50trueTransaction Id generated by lending service to the downstream payment service. To be used for investigating the transaction.
9 paymentRef String50falseThe Reference to the payment that was done. This can be used by the Provider to do dispute settlement or investigate.
10paymentDateDate Time (UTC)
trueThe Date/Time at which merchant was paid for the service for which the customer requested the loan.


POST /endpoint goes here. The Provider is expected to provide this and configured on the ILS Platform.
Sample Request

Sample request

    “customerId”: “2348067517051”,
    “customerRef”: “2348067517051”,
    “loanId”: “BC7KL0000002”,
    “amount”: 20000,
    “loanStatus”: “OPEN”,
    “transactionRef”: “zyPodVNkzNIvQ0F3ePcxzOKi4”,
    “paymentRef”: “KSB|WEB|MX1065|07-02-2023|976453665|122316”,
    “paymentDate”: “2023-02-07T10:54:02.020+00:00”,
    “requestCode”: “00”,
    “requestMessage”: “Approved by Financial Institution”

Response Message  field description

Field#Field nameDescription
1responseCodeThe response message code
2responseMessageThe message description for the response
Sample Response (success)
{"responseCode": 00,"responseMessage""Successful"}

Sample Response (failure)
{"responseCode": 500,"responseMessage""Something we wrong"}
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