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Customer Validation

This endpoint is to validate whether a loan code is valid or not. This will also validate the intended payment amount for the loan by the Credit Company.

Request Message description



Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 loanId string true The loan Id to be validated.
2 amount String true The Amount that the user is intending to pay.


POST /loans/{loanId}/validate


  Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Sample request


“amount”: “10000.00”


Response Message  field description



Field name Description
1 responseCode The response code
2 responseMessage The Description of the responseCode returned.
3 status The Indicator stating whether the loan code and/or the amount are valid or not.
4 amount The value showing the amount to be allowed for this loan. This could be the amount in the request if allowed or could be the amount that is to be paid if the requested amount is not allowed.

Sample Response (success)


“responseCode”: “00”,

“responseDescription”: “Successful”,

“status”: “valid”,

“amount”: “10000.00”,

“fullname”: “Ada Bolaji”


Sample Response (failure)


“responseCode”: “06”,

“responseDescription”: “Invalid Loan Code”


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