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Get Loan Status

This endpoint to be provided by the Provider to allow ILS to retrieve details about a loan. This will be used during Customer Validation and will be used to synchronize ILS Data with the Providers.

Request Message description

Field# Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 loanId Numeric String  50 true The id of the loan whose status we are trying to retrieve.
2 channelCode String  50 false The Code of the Channel from which request is coming from.
3 customerId String  50 false Customer Id who the loan belongs to.


GET /endpoint goes here. The Provider is expected to provide this and configured on the ILS Platform.





As a Lender, please note that it is expected you have a basic authentication for each API spec. A sample screen shot is shown below.

Sample Request

Sample request




Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1 responseCode Numeric String  5 true The Code representing the status of the processing of the request. It shows whether the request to accept the offer is allowed or not.
2 responseMessage String  255 true The Description of the Response Code from above.
3 loan     true An Object containing the details of the loan requested.
3a status ENUM   True The Status of the Loan whether it has been paid or not, overdue or not.
3b remainingAmount Long   True The Amount remaining for the Customer to paid that will make the loan fully paid.
3c dueDate Date Time (UTC)   True The Date/Time at which the Customer is expected to have paid back the loan.

Response Message  field description

Sample Response (success)

{“responseCode”: “00”,


“responseMessage”: “Successful”,

“loan”: {

“status”: “OPEN”,

“remainingAmount”: “0.00”,

“dueDate”: “2017-06-12T11:46:15Z”



Sample Response (failure)



“responseCode”: “4004”,

“responseMessage”: “Unknown offer”


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