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Get Providers

This endpoint is to get all the credit companies (lenders) that are available for a channel.

Request Message description




Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1channelCodeString trueThe Code of the Channel from which this request is originating.
2ServiceTypeString falseThe code for the service type


GET /offers/providers?channelCode={channelCode}&serviceType={serviceType}


   Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Sample request


Response Message  field description




Field nameDescription
1responseCodeThe Code representing the result of the request processing.
2responseMessageThe Description of the responseCode.
3providersArrays of the available Providers.
3a.name The Name of the Provider.
3b.codeThe Code of the Provider.

Sample Response (success)

"responseCode": "00",
"responseMessage": "Offers available",
"provider": [
"name": "AB Credit",
"code": "ABCREDIT"
"name": "CD Credit",
"code": "CDCREDIT"

Sample Response (failure)


"responseCode": "01",
"responseMessage": "There is no providers available for this channel.",
"providers": []

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