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Get Customer Virtual Account

This API endpoint enables lenders to generate virtual accounts for their customers or get already existing customer virtual account information.

Request Message description

Field#Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
requiredThe unique customer identifier / phone number
requiredThe customer’s full name
requiredThe provider’s unique code
requiredThe currency code for the virtual account


POST /api/v1/payments/customer-virtual-account


"Authorization": "Bearer {token}"

Sample request

{"customerId": "2348161286594","customerName": "Tobi M Odemona","providerCode": "FER"}

Response Message  field description

Field#Field nameDescription
1idThe virtual account id in IPG
2merchantCodeThe merchant code
3accountNameThe virtual account name
4bankNameThe virtual bank name
5bankCodeThe virtual bank code
6payableCodeThe unique payable code
7dateCreatedThe timestamp at creation

Sample Response (success)


"id": 74422,"merchantCode": "VNA","payableCode": "VIRTUAL_ACCOUNTVNA1623317477940","accountName": "Tobi M Odemona","accountNumber": "7610002844","bankName": "Wema Bank","bankCode": "WEMA","dateCreated": 1623317485430


Sample Response (failure)

"responseCode": "104",
"responseMessage": "Invalid Provider Code."

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