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Do Funds Transfer

This endpoint is provisioned for providers to use when they want to credit the user’s account for a specified amount.

Request Message description

Field#Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1customerIdString50trueThe Email or Mobile Number of the User to the credited.
trueThe Amount to be credited to the user’s account (in minor).
4currencyCodeNumeric String3falseISO 4217 standard currency code. Default to 566
5accountNumberString20trueThe NUBAN Account Number of the Beneficiary
6accountTypeNumeric String2trueThe Account Type of the Beneficiary Account. E.g 10
7bankCodeNumeric String5trueThe CBN Bank Code of the bank holding the Beneficiary account. E.g 058
8transactionIdString50trueThe Client Transaction ID. This is the reference that the client will use to re-query for the transaction status in case of an unresolved state.
falseThe quickteller terminal Id to be used for the transaction
falseThe loanId for a loan taking through Lending Service
falseA unique identifier assigned to the loan taken through Lending Service. It should be the same loan reference id that was sent to the provider in the AcceptOffer request body.
12 transferType Stringfalse Relevant for transfer payments, valid values are ‘AGENCY’ and ‘LOAN’


POST /payments/transfer


Authorization: Bearer {{token}}

Sample Request

"customerId": "2348123456789",
"amount": 1250000, // Twelve thousand naira only
"currencyCode": "566",
"accountNumber": "0123456789",
"accountType": "20",
"bankCode": "058",
"transactionId": "09389877487857",
"qtTerminalId" : "3PBL"

Response Message  field description




Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1responseCodeNumeric String 5trueThe code representing the status of the processing of this request
2responseMessageString 255trueThe description of the responseCode.
3transactionRefstring 50trueThe Quickteller Transaction Reference for the transfer request.

Sample Response (success)

"responseCode" : "00",
"responseMessage" : "Transaction Successful",
"transactionRef" : "UBN|WEB|ILS|20170501091282|01238797"

Sample Response (failure)

"responseCode" : "96",
"responseMessage" : "Issuer or Switch Inoperative."

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