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Accept merchant offer

Accept Merchant Offer——Lenders implementation

During the Accept Offer processing, a request will be sent from Interswitch Lending Service to Provider to notify them of the User’s decision. The Request and Response format expected are as follows:

Request Message Description

Field # Field name Data type Max length Required Description
1customerIdString50trueThe Email or Mobile Number of the User who is accepting this offer.
2offerIdString50trueThe Id of the Offer that is being accepted. This is the Id that was returned by the provider during “Get Offers” call to them.
3merchantIdString20trueThe originating merchantId
4customerAccountNumberString10trueThe customer’s account number
5customerBankCodeString5trueThe customer’s account bank code


POST /endpoint goes here. The Provider is expected to provide this and configured on the ILS Platform.


Sample Request

Sample request

{ "customerId""2348123456789", "offerId""8288948", "merchantId" "3IPG001", "customerAccountNumber""0123456789", "customerBankCode""011", }

Response Message  field description

Field # Field name Description
1responseCodeThe Code representing the status of the processing of the request. It shows whether the request to accept the offer is allowed or not.
2responseMessageThe Description of the Response Code from above.
3loanIdThe Id of the accepted loan from the provider
Sample Response (success)
{ "responseCode""00", "responseMessage""Successful", "loanId":"0002" }
Sample Response (failure)
{ "responseCode""4002", "responseMessage""Offer has expired." }
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