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Accept Merchant Offer

Accept Merchant Offer

During the Accept Offer processing, a request will be sent from Interswitch Lending Service to Provider to notify them of the User’s decision. The Request and Response format expected are as follows:

Request Message Description

Field Field Name Data type Max length Required Description
1 customerId String 50 true The Email or Mobile Number of the User who is accepting this offer.
2 offerId String 50 true The Id of the Offer that is being accepted. This is the Id that was returned by the provider during “Get Offers” call to them.
3 merchantId String 20 true The originating merchantId
4 merchantCode String 20 true The originating merchantCode
5 otp String 20 true 736996
6 accountType String 20 true savings
7 customerAccountNumber String 10 true 1004110901
8 customerBankCode String 5 true 030


String 5 true 5123454698121048737


token Numeric string 20 False The Payment Card token from which the loan debt will be taken after the due date
11 loanReferenceId String 100 False A unique identifier assigned to the loan
12 tokenExpiryDate Numeric 4 False Expiry date for the payment card token in format (YYMM)
13 otpRequestReference String 50 False Request reference for OTP

POST /endpoint goes here. The Provider is expected to provide this and configured on the ILS Platform.
Sample Request
Sample request
"customerId": "2347032389711",
"offerId": "017579ba-17bc-4867-9752-6f4ae50f7f7c",
"merchantId": "MX1065",
"loanReferenceId": "INC16711274375962347032389711",
"customerAccountNumber": "1004110901",
"customerBankCode": "030",
"token": "5123454698121048737",
"tokenExpiryDate": "2506",
"merchantCode": "MX1065",
"bvn": "22163536967",
"accountType": "savings",
"otp": "736996",
"otpRequestReference": null

Response Message  field description



Field name
1 responseCode The Code representing the status of the processing of the request. It shows whether the request to accept the offer is allowed or not.
2 responseMessage The Description of the Response Code from above.
3 loanId The Id of the accepted loan from the provider


Sample Response (success)
Sample Response (failure)
    "responseMessage""Offer has expired."
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