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Salary Loan Repayment Notification

This endpoint notifies ILS on successful salary loan repayments by the customer through the third-party channel. .

Request Body Description

These are the fields to be sent by the third party channel in the request

Field#Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1customerIdString13trueThe phone number of the customer in 234 format
2channelCodeString50trueThe channel’s unique code
3providerCodeString50trueThe provider code of the salary lender
trueThe loan amount 
5loanIdString50trueThe unique loan identifier returned in the “get salary loan” response
6transactionRefString50trueThe unique transaction reference attached to the debit transaction
trueThe currency code of the amount 

Request Endpoint

POST https://sandbox.interswitchng.com/lending-service/api/v1/salary/notify-payment

Request Header

Authorization : Bearer {{token}}

Sample Request

"customerId": "234803058392",
"channelCode": "QTUSSD",
"providerCode": "MKT",
"amount": 10200,
"loanId": "QTUSSD1894059",
"transactionRef": "gtb|1232|debit",
"currency": "566"

Response Field Description

Field#Field nameDescription
1responseCodeCode of the returned response
2responseMessageMessage explaining describing the response

Sample Response (success – successful payment notification response

"responseCode": "S201",
"responseMessage": "Salary loan payment notification Successful."

Sample Response (failure – failed payment notification response )

"responseCode": "104",
"responseMessage": "Loan not attached to customer."

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