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Do Payment

This endpoint is provided as a proxy for clients who will like to collect payments from a user using their payment token. The API will send a request for a debit of a specified amount through IPG.

Request Message description



Field nameData typeMax lengthRequiredDescription
1customerIdString 50trueThe Email or Mobile Number of the User.
2tokenString 20trueThe Payment Token of the user generated by Vault.
3amountLongtrueThe Amount to be debited from the user’s payment card. (This is in lower denomination KOBO)
4providerCodeString 50trueThe Code of the Provider/Client from which the request is coming from.
5currencyCodeNumeric String 3trueThe Code of the currency of the Amount to be debited. E.g 566
6transactionIdString 50trueThe unique transaction identifier
7loanIdString 20falseExisting loan Id.


POST /payments

Sample request

"customerId": "2348123456789",
"token": "5123450558220138603",
"amount": 500000, // Five thousand naira only
"providerCode": "FEDERAL",
"transactionId" : "1234567",
"currencyCode": "566"

Response Message  field description

Field#Field nameData TypeMax LengthRequiredDescription
1responseCodeNumeric String5trueThe code representing the status of the processing of this request
2responseMessageString255trueThe description of the responseCode.
3transactionRefString50trueThe Quickteller Transaction Reference for the transfer request.
trueThe customer’s balance will be returned when he/she does not have sufficient funds to pay back the loan

Sample Response (success) 

"responseCode": "00",
"responseDescription": "Successful",
"transactionRef": "UBN|WEB|ILS|20170501120945|0198849"

Sample Response (failure)

"responseCode": "51",
"responseMessage": "Insufficient funds",
"accountBalance": 40509000,

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